ON THE ROAD AGAIN - Sue and Barry Young
Welcome to our website! We are excited to be able to share our travels with you, but as relative 'newbies' to travel, we would love to hear from more experienced travelers, with tips, ideas and information on caravan sites (especially free sites).
Saturday, 14th. August, 2010
I know I have been a bit slack, (again!!!!), so I had better do something on here to get things up-to-date again.
After assessing our position, and everything that was happening around us, and we both believe in, 'everything happens for a reason', we relaxed at Armidale for a week, to try and get some relief for Sue's back problem, and then started heading south again. Sue's back was not doing her any favours at all, despite relaxing around the caravan for a week. Was a cracked rib . . . doing something that she should not have done, again.
We travelled back to Albury over 2 days, staying in a roadside rest area just north of Forbes, NSW with 12 volt power again!
During our first day, travelling south again, we were treated to a display of bare boobs x3-4 delightful young ladies on the side of the road, and I bet the lads with them were having fun too . . . Too bad we had the caravan on behind, and would have been difficult to stop in a reasonable distance . . . (lol).
We spent a few days in Albury again, keeping Annie & Deb, and not forgetting young Colin, of course, on the straight and narrow.
Bit hard when they all ply us with alcohol all the time . . . (joking .....) Left Albury on Tuesday 27th, July, and stayed overnight at Underbool, on the Mallee Highway, in Vic.
I was all set to take some pics of this little gem of a place for free overnight caravan stays, but the powers from UP THERE, decided that this was not the time . . . the memory card showed a fault, and was unusable. Everything happens for a reason . . . We still don't know the reason why, but when we got back to Christies Beach, later that day, I had a close look at the camera again . . .
Surprise, surprise . . . everything was working again . . . spooky
to say the least. We are not trying to keep the place secret, so I guess those of you who want to know what it is like, will just have to go there and find out for yourself.
Have been back in Christies Beach for a couple of weeks now, and we now know the reason for coming back to SA. Bazz' mum was getting a little anxious about a few things, and we were obviously meant to be here for her during her anxious times.
We have spent a weekend with Ian R. and are currently spending a few days at Goolwa,with Sue's mum and uncle Terry. Found a whale off the beach yesterday, but really too far out to get any decent pics . . .
Monday, 26th. July, 2010
'Bout time I  put in some time, here, and get you all up-to-date with our travels. Left Tomago Caravan Village on Wed. 21st. and travelled up through the ranges toward Tamworth, (home of Australian Country Music), and spent the night in a roadside rest area about 40 kms. out of Armidale.
Quite chilly, but 'snug-as-a-bug' inside the van. We thought we had the 12v. power all sorted out, but, we all know what 'thought' did, don't we? Candles and torchlight was the order of the day/night again! Kept us cosy though.The following morning, we made our way in to Armidaleand sought out an auto electrician. No wonder we were having trouble . . . the battery was fully charged, but was shorting out inside . . . needless to say, we paid for a new battery, (100 amp deep cycle gel battery this time), and should have no more dark nights. Sorry Suzy. The romance of candlelight dinners was very nice, but good old 12v. is even better when your eyes are as bad as ours are.
We were all set to head on up the track further, but Sue's back/ribcage was becoming too bad to travel with, (maybe a cracked or bruised rib????),so we decided to spend a few days here and hopefully let things heal themselves. We are staying in the Pembroke Tourist and Leisure Park, which has won awards in its time. Today the pain is still driving her crazy, along with the pain in the temple area as well. Will see a doctor tomorrow, and see if they can shed some light on what the trouble might be. Let you know how things go.
Tuesday, 20th. July, 2010
Well,Tuesday already.Have been staying in the Tomago Caravan Village in Tomago, (or Pt. Stephens), close to Newcastle, NSW. since travelling from Dubbo on Sunday afternoon. Stopped at a couple of roadside stops on the way. (see pics)
More permanents here than transients. (90% permanent as opposed to 10% transient). Most of those living in the park would be typical Pt. Power followers. (if they knew what Pt. Power stood for).
We took the 'Bewdy' to Opalite Caravans on Monday, to see what could be done for a few small problems with the van. A cool reception from the powers that be, at Opalite, but we must give praise to Matthew, the maintenance supervisor, who went out of his way to help us get things straight. Thank you very much, Matthew!
Matthew arranged for a new Aluminium chequer plate strip to replace the broken, (and missing), plastic strip on the front top of the van. The tap, over the sink in the van, snapped off, under pressure on mains water, in Dubbo, and has now been replaced with a  brand new 'fiick-mixer' tap, which is much better.
The cupboard doors in the bathroom were looking rather sad, and neglected, but with some 'Matthew' magic, they look like they were supposed to look when we bought the van. Matthew also arranged for the wheels to be taken off and all bearings and brakes checked and adjusted.
Another small scare ysterday. While we wiled away the day at a local shopping centre, and a 'Macca's, we observed liquid dripping down from behind the motor somewhere, and detrmined that it was actually diesel fuel leaking. Took it to Ultratune this morning to try and find the source of the leak, but, wouldn't you know it, couldn't get it to do the right thing, and leak. The guys at Ultratune spent about 2 hours, pulling off covers, cleaning and drying etc., but to no avail. Hey guys, thank you for all your trouble and effort, (and they wouldn't take any payment for their efforts either). Much appreciated!
Friday, 16th. July, 2010
Here it is, Fri. evening again . . where has the week gone??!!
Went to Taronga Western Plains Zoo, yesterday, and again today.You really need the 2 days to make sure you get to see everything there is to see. When you pay your entrance fee, it covers you for 2 days in the park.
Too many pics to put on this site, but we are working on putting them somewhere else that is accessable to all, a little later in our travels.
Still haven't been to 'The Old Dubbo Gaol' yet, but there's always another day . . . tomorrow, we will be getting things ready to move out on Sunday morning, and head towards Newcastle. 
Wed. 14th July, 2010
Another quiet day in Dubbo . . . 18mm of rain overnight. It was great to hear the rain on the roof while we were snug inside our little home. Much colder today, with a breeze of about 20km an hour, coming in from the west. No more rain though, so got a load of washing done . . . the breeze dried them quite well.
We have now licked the 12 volt problem with the van . . . just too many variables in the multiple switches etc. . . . never mind, will be ready for our next 'free stop' next Sunday, now.
Tues. 13th July, 2010
Well, it seems I have been delegated to the up-keep of this web-site . . . no more of Suzy's wild wit, etc. . . . just ol' Bazz from now on . . .
An overcast day here in Dubbo . . supposed to be rain today, but, as usual, they got it wrong again!
Yesterday, despite my leg/knee problem, we took a stroll down the main shopping street in Dubbo and found some bargains in Lowes . . . skivvies, trousers, etc. Checked out Centro Dubbo on the way back to the caravan park. (just across the road). Today has been a day of rest for me and my leg(s), and Suzy has been working on her book(s) solidly.
Tomorrow, we will probably take another walk down the main street and have a look at the 'Old Dubbo Gaol'. Hopefully we will take a run out to the 'Western Plains Zoo' on Thursday. Hope to get some good pics out there.
Fri. 9th July, 2010
Bazz has damaged his left knee/leg, somwhere along the way, and it's making life difficult for the poor boy. Doctor says the swelling and pain is from a pulled muscle (he didn't really know), so advised rest and keeping off the leg.  So we found a little caravan park right in the CBD of Dubbo, called 'The Poplars', powered site for $140 a week - so we are moving there tomorrow, and plan to leave Dubbo next Sunday (18th July), to be in Newcastle on Monday.  That means we are two weeks behind the schedule we didn't have, but what was a reasonable expectation, for us.  Do we care?   Not bloody likely!  The rain they have had, has turned the country-side so green and lush.  Beautiful farming country -very picturesque.
Thurs. 8th July, 2010
 Went to see 'The Dish' outside of Parkes. Very interesting--when you go, take the opportunity to see the triple 3D short films. The journey to Mars is fabulous but my favourite was 'Bigger than Big'...I've seen similar things of National Geographic, but it is still amazing at how insignificant this earth that sustains us, is, when compared to the rest of the universe . . .
Stopped at Dubbo as there is quite a bit to see, initially was only going to be for two days, but Bazz was finding it hard to walk and I fretted over possible cause.
Wed. 7th July 2010
Good news . . . we are underway again, thanks to, Dave, Sue and Mike Webb of Webb Tyre Service, Junee. They do more than tyres -- for us, they performed a miracle. After a stuff-up from the Melbourne part suppliers, a hiccup with the freight delivery, and the most miserable weather, the Webbs did everything possible to get us on the road again. First rate service, all the way!  They are of the 'old school', where honesty and integrity, support a lot of knowledge.  Dave and Sue are caravanners themselves, so know what they're talking about.    Finally back on track and  here we are at a parking bay just out of Parkes
The Junee Licorice and Chocolate factory was first port of call once we were travelling again. We were very conservative in our purchases, but their gift store sells everything but the kitchen sink, (or I missed it).   Great for coffee, snacks, and of course all sorts of goodies to eat.
Highly recommend it.
Sun. 27th June 2010
Happy Birthday Bazz. Thanks to all those who sent birthday greetings.  We are currently at the Junee Caravan Parkhttp://www.juneecaravanpark.com.au/.  This unplanned stop is due to a problem with 'Bewdy', but Bazz and I are firm believers in there being no coincidences in life and things happening for a reason.  The park is beautiful and the hosts, Peter and Faye, are exceptional.  As regular caravaners themselves they understand the needs of their patrons, and nothing is too much trouble.  How many times in our travels will we bypass beautiful little hide-aways like this, without knowing?
Well we are here safe and sound for a couple of days, and damn, would you believe there is a Licorice and Chocolate factory here...???? Seeing as the locals are being so kind, it behoves us to repay their courtesy by placing a few dollars into the local economy through business's like this. A big thank you also to T & J Hibbert for the lovely bottle of Trevi champers - bit delish.
Junee Tourist Park
Thurs. 24th June 2010
Have spent nearly two weeks at the 'Dew Drop Inn' at Lavington, NSW.  Our host Annie Breddels, provided a prime site for 'Bewdy', our van, and undercover parking for the 'Beast', (the Terracan).
Not much sight seeing done, but a few wines were imbibed. Annie took us, Colin Roper and Debb Brindley, to the local Adult Shop to educate a sadly naive Bazz. I, of-course, tried not to embarrass him, but the others - well.... It was a lot of fun with lots of laughs and Bazz is proof that you're never to old to learn.
The Dew Drop Inn, Lavington.  NSW
Such was the hospitality that after 'another coffee' we finally set off for Bribie Island via ?
Lunch was at Uranquinty, on the Olympic Highway, the Albury side of Wagga Wagga.  Well, what a lovely little spot for lunch.  The custard tarts are baked custard, which is my favourite.  Can highly recommend the 'Quinty Cake and Bakehouse', for the quality of it's products.  Bazz and I rarely buy food on the road, but this was a pleasant exception. The Memorial Park was really an eye opener ín explaining the history of this little drive through town.  A history of housing displaced persons assisted in the multiculturalism of Australia.
Naval Pilot Training was carried out here as well,which all made 'Quinty' well worth stopping for, even without the Custard Tart.
Uranquinty Memorial Park
14th June 2010
Underbool, Vic, on the Mallee Highway.  For a free powered site (exc Tues 10am - 2pm) This is an exceptionally generous offer by the town.  A small rest area, with toilet and shower blocks, is located opposite the deli, on the main road. On the railroad side of the park there is a powerbox  for up to 4 vans, provided at no charge, with the hope that users will shop at the deli, or have a drink and/or a meal at the pub.  There is no obligation to do so and the showers and toilets are well maintained.  Highly recommend the stopover and the pub meal.
27th May, 2010
Port Lincoln - Home of the best son a mother could have. I love you Gavin
Stayed with Jenny and Bob Aird.  Jen and I, making pasties, was just like the old days, when our kids were going to kindy...unlike my short term memory, my long term, flourishes with many beautiful memories.  Because of my health, I didn't get to catch up with several locals, but promise that next time, will be longer and less pressing, so Jess and Geoff Tapp, I owe you a drink or two next time.
25th May, 2010
TS Flinders, Naval Cadets Reunion at Port Lincoln.  So many great memories for me. Unfortunately not one of my better days, health-wise, so only managed a short time at the BBQ.  Too many people to name, but to see those who I considered, 'my kids', as parents with their own kids, reminded me of how quickly time passes by.  However, still being called 'Ma'am', reinforced, that everyone of the ex-cadets I worked with, played a very important part in my life. I loved them all and now have great respect for each and every one of them.
24th May, 2010
Trip to Cummins, on the Eyre Peninsula, without 'Bewdy'.  Had a relaxing stay with Barb Diment (wonderful massage Barb,) My health was up and down but so glad we went. Caught up with  Vince Diment  when he came home from Roxby, on his days off.  
16th March 2010
Ten days at the Lakeside Caravan Park, Robe, Sth Aust.  A beautiful park with excellent facilities, with a small lake on each side of the park.  It is a short walk to the main street, or a 45 minute walk via the coastline, for those who want to keep fit.
A day trip to see the Dartmoor Memorial Streetscape was well worth it. (ref: Pic.1) Atlantic Cedar trees were planted as living memorials to locals who took part in the 1st World War. Unfortunately the trees became diseased but rather than destroy them,  chainsaw Sculptor Kevin Gilders was tasked with carving  suitable images and themes to maintain the spirit of the memorials, and as you can see, the results are spectacular.
Memorial Carvings,  Dartmoor, Vic
Kevin also contributed to the uniqueness of the Dartmoor Village Green with the Nursery Rhyme Tree and several other carvings.
Nursery Rhyme Tree, Dartmoor Vic
As we were heading back to Mount Gambier, we saw a sign for Princess Margaret Rose Cave.  We were willing to pay the $12 per person for the experience, but they do not take EFTPOS and we weren't carrying any cash. About to leave, a Victorian man insisted on paying for us, as a "Welcome to Victoria".  It was a generous, and much appreciated, gesture. The story of the cave, and the guides knowledge and humour made it entertaining as well as educational.  
Princess Margaret Rose Cave
While in Robe we had to vote, so decided to take the long way round, and it was a lovely walk. We met several people along the track, which follows some of the coastline. However, after the heavy business of voting we took the short route back to the van.
Within the township itself there are many fine eateries, and  the Art and Craft available is of the highest standard.  Both Bazz and I have a fascination with the sea so it is not unusual that we would make time to photograph some of the coastline. These are my photographs and I'm the amateur, but Bazz has this 'you beaut' camera with a great zoom lens, so you'll get to see the better pics later.
Coastline, Robe Sth Australia
We are already excited about next years travels, as friends have just came back from the Broken Hill Races, and had a ball, so, next year, 2 weeks before Easter, that's where we'll be.
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